Sport & Leisure

Using a usual U-rail, several mirrors can easily be connected to one large mirror surface. Some examples for application areas for our lightweight mirrors:

  • indoor riding arena mirrors
  • ballet mirrors | ballet studio
  • dance studio
  • gym

For dance studios and gyms a height of between 175 and 200 cm should be selected.

For indoor riding arenas with a ring fence, a height of 150 cm is generally sufficient. The length between 250 and 400 cm is selected in most cases. Please note that birds do not recognize large mirrored areas as an obstacle. Just like large window panes, mirror installations in indoor riding arenas should therefore be furnished with black bird stickers.

Example indoor riding arena mirror

Are you looking for a mirror for another type of sport, a different hobby or a leisure activity? We manufacture your customised mirror according to your requirements. No matter whether it is for a small or a large area. Give us a call and let our skilled team advise you.

You can reach us by telephone at +49(0)8024 60 88811.