You can find all the useful information about the service for the mirrors here. No matter if it concerns the repair manual, the cleansing or information regarding the delivery. You can find everything you require here and if you should be missing anything, you can contact us at +49 (0)8024 6088811.


Repairing distortions, dints, tears


Ausbessern Lechtspiegel

Should the mirror surface of the lightweight mirror or foil mirror show a distortion or dint after the application of strong pressure, this damage can be repaired by using an industrial dryer

  • Set the dryer to medium heat
  • Hold it about 10 to 15 cm away from the damaged spot
  • The dryer must NEVER BE HELD at one position; it should rather be moved back and forth.

This method can be compared with hair-drying. At first, the mirror foil will display more ridges, which, however, will immediately contract as soon as you put the dryer aside.


Spiegelklebeband zur Reparatur von Leichtspiegeln

Should the mirror foil tear by mistake, the damage can be repaired without any problem using an adhesive mirror tape available at alluVial. However, even if this is not done immediately, the tear will not enlarge. Moreover, the basic tension of the rest of the mirror remains intact.


Neubespannung Leichtspiegel

In case of irreparable damages to the reflective foil, the frame needs to be covered again at our plant. The price for a complete repair is generally around 40% of the net list price for the mirror format.


Lightweight mirrors

Under normal circumstances, alluVial lightweight mirrors and foil mirrors do not require any maintenance and cleaning work at all. However, if they are subjected to high levels of load, they can be restored to a high-polish finish quickly and easily.

If cleaning is necessary as the result of cigarette smoke or exhaust gas deposits, please read the following instructions:

  • Use a simple microfibre cloth and distilled water
  • The cloth should be dripping wet in case of heavy soiling
  • For larger areas, a telescopic pole with a wiping head can be used
  • NEVER USE CIRCULAR MOVEMENTS to wipe over the mirror surface, instead move up-and-down in strips and then simply leave the remaining moisture to dry
  • It is recommended to place a large towel or paper towel under the mirror to catch the water during cleaning

Polystyrene mirrors

alluVial polystyrene mirrors can simply be wiped with a soft, dust-free and clean cloth. Commercially available plastic or window detergents can be used to clean heavily soiled polystyrene mirrors. However DO NOT USE AGGRESSIVE DETERGENTS such as scouring detergents, solvent-containing cleaners or pure alcohol. Plastic or window detergent should not be sprayed directly onto the mirror but rather scarcely onto the cleaning cloth.


Lightweight mirrors

AlluVial lightweight mirrors are delivered protected by a PU-protective cover on the mirror side, including assembly gloves, in a transport carton.

Projection mirrors

Super-brilliant mirrors (projection mirrors) by alluVial for AV- and rear projection are delivered in a specially designed wooden crate.

Polystyrene mirrors

Polystyrene mirrors by alluVial are delivered in the standard sizes of 2 000 mm x 1 000 mm x 1 mm, with a protective cover on the mirror side, as a roll in a cardboard box.

All deliveries are made by a forwarding agency. Freight costs are listed separately on the invoice. Please mind the freight information included in the delivery notice.

In case of larger deliveries or deliveries with a fixed deadline, we also offer low-cost direct deliveries, if desired.

An information sheet is always attached to our deliveries in order to check the delivery. All deliveries are insured for the transport to the customer, so we kindly ask you to check the delivery in company of the forwarding agent on receipt of the goods.