Polystyrene mirror

Polystyrene mirrors for fair construction and shop fitting

Thermostable and UV-resistant mirrors for fair construction and shop fitting as well as for craftsmen and decoration requirements

Polystyrene mirrors by alluVial consist of a polystyrene plate laminated with reflective foil (super-brilliant foil). They are light, non-breakable, shatterproof and easy to process. The polystyrene mirrors also remain thermostable and UV resistant at high temperatures – for example due to spotlights. They maintain their shape and brilliance in direct sunlight.

Polystyrene mirrors do not have a fire protection class.

In general: polystyrene plates laminated with reflective foil (super- brilliant foil)
Delivery form: polystyrene decorative mirrors are delivered in whole plates | only available in silver
Plate size: 2 000 mm x 1 000 mm | no B1 version
Plate thickness: 1 mm

Polystyrene mirrors are delivered as a roll in a cardboard box with a protective cover on the mirror side. Please note that the polystyrene mirrors are not distortion-free or self-adhesive.