Lightweight mirrors - so versatile

Lightweight mirrors – incredibly versatile applications

The alluVial Leichtspiegel(lightweight mirror) series consists of a self-supporting aluminium frame, which is mechanically covered with a 30 µm thick reflective foil. This is – dependent on the application area – processed in a distinct procedure, in order to develop a 100-percent and undistorted mirror image. In this respect, it is irrelevant, whether you envision your mirror to be square, rectangular, triangular, polygonal or in special shapes (round). Moreover, we are able to cut circular cut-outs into the reflective foil. We produce your customised mirror. No matter if small or large mirror surfaces or entire rooms.

Our mirrors with the alluVial reflective foil are divided into the following product lines:

  • Lightweight mirrors
  • Projection mirrors
  • Spy mirrors (one-way mirrors) |Theatre mirrors
  • Portable mirrors (rolling) | Free-standing mirrors
  • Polystyrene mirrors

With only about 2 kg per square metre the alluVial lightweight mirror is considerably lighter than irrorsm made of glass. The frame cannot be seen on the finished mirror. It consists of a hollow profile, enabling an invisible mounting solution optimal for the specific operation site.

Leichtspiegel Spiegelfolie

If desired, the back of the mirror can be equipped with a 0.5 mm thick protective plate made of polystyrene. However, this does not have any effect on the torsonial rigidity of the mirror and is only available without fire protection classification. We use stage molton with B1 fire protection to protect the back.

It is possible to cut circular cutouts into the foil from a diameter of 5 mm to 500 mm. There is absolutely no distortion around the cutout.

We supply the customised mirror in the format you desire. You can order the lightweight mirror in the following measurements and formats:

  • length: between 300 - 13 000 mm produced in our workshops
  • length from 13 001 mm up to any length produced directly at the customer’s, on the spot
  • width: 300 - 2 850 mm

You may also commission us with the production of an aluminium or steel substructure. Our experts in the plants in Prerov and Shanghai are specialised in simple as well as very detailed substructures.