Installation & accessories

Lightweight mirror - installation

Please use soft working gloves or rubber disposable gloves for the installation. Be sure not to use sharp objects when unpacking the protective cover.

Due to the hollow profile you have the possibility to attach various frames to the back or the side of the mirror. To install simple ceiling or wall installations mirror magnets are used which you can easily order through our company.

The low weight and our self-supporting hollow aluminum frames simplify the assembly of alluVial light mirrors extremely. To connect the mirrors, we offer special connecting and assembly brackets. In order to connect several mirrors almost seamlessly we developed a special clip, which also holds mounts. The following sketches shall give you an idea of the different mounting alternatives. Our sales consultants are available for you for further questions at all times.


Processing polystyrene mirrors with reflective foil

Polystyrene mirrors should be rolled out at room temperature for about 24 h before being processed and eventually need to be weighted.

Our reflective foil (polystyrene mirrors) was designed to easily be cut by the customer. Cuts, as well as bore holes and punch holes need to be processed from the mirror side. Please use carpet or cutter knives for straight edges and carve the desired shape onto the mirror side with medium pressure. Then you can crack the area across the edge of the table and you will get an absolutely neat edge.

Round edges can easily be cut with usual scissors. Please note that polystyrene mirrors can show more or less slight distortions dependent on the application or installation form.

Polystyrene glue is recommended. They are sold in every larger construction market. Please mind the processing information by the manufacturing company during the process.

Please contact the alluVial team for questions about the installation from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. at +49(0)8024 6088811.


  • Adhesive mirror repair tape silver
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Mirror clips
  • Mirror magnet
  • Threaded rivets in the frame
  • Eyelets for wall installations